Household Water Filters

8 Best Household Water Filters of 2021

Water is the backbone of any household. As per this blog, water can contain various types of contaminants depending on the source, and this is where a water filter comes in handy.

With so many whole house water filters to choose from in the market, finding the most ideal for your needs can be strenuous. To help you in your search, here are the 8 best household water filters on the market.

Pelican PC600 Premium 10 GPM Whole House Carbon Water Filtration System

Pelican PC600 tops the list of the best household water filters. It has a 5-micron pre-filter for checking sediments and a carbon filter medium that removes most water contaminants.

The 10 GPM flow rate can support a household of four occupants with two bathrooms. The pre-prefilter needs to be replaced every six months and the carbon filtration medium has a lifespan of five years. This system conforms to NSF 42 standards for water filtration systems.

GE GXWH04F Whole House Water Filtration System

This is the best budget household water filtration system. This single-stage water filtration system works best to improve the appearance of your domestic water by removing only large particles such as debris, sand, and sediments. This filter has a short lifespan of only three months. The good news is that it is cheap to replace this filtration system.

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filtration System

Of all the listed household water filtration systems, the 3M Aqua-Pure is the easiest and most convenient to maintain. It has a 5-micron pre-filter. This activated carbon filter element targets chemicals such as chlorine and other contaminants while also reducing scale. Besides, its filter is very easy to replace.

iSpring WGB32B Whole House Water Filtration System

The iSpring system is best suited for well water. It is a three-stage water filtration system and the first stage is ideal for removing debris and sediments.

The second stage has a carbon filter for removing chemicals such as chlorine while the final stage removes heavy metal contaminants such as manganese and iron.

Pelican 15 GPM Whole House Water Filtration System

This is the best water filtration system with a water softener. The highly-rated PSE2000 combines two operations of water filtration and softening. The water goes through four stages of filtration before softening. The one-inch ports and the 15 GPM flow rate would not reduce the flow pressure in your home.

Vitapur 26.4 GPM Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System

This system is used often used in conjunction with the overall water filtration system of a household to further improve the water quality. It sterilizes the water by killing various bacteria and viruses. The UV lamp has a lifespan of up to one year.

Home Master Whole House 2-Stage Water Filtration System With Multgradient Sediment.

If you live in a city whose water is treated with chlorine or chloramines, then this system is for you. The first stage of the system traps particles in four layers of 25,10,5 and 1 microns. Moreover, the filters can be changed once every two years.

Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water

This three-stage water filtration system is your best shot for tackling heavy metals in your domestic water supply. The first stage removes the large particles such as sand.

On the other hand, the KDF filter in the second stage removes a host of heavy metals including iron, lead, and aluminum. It also removes arsenic chloramines and hydrogen sulfides. The final stage filter contains activated carbon which removes chlorine, pesticides, and traces of pharmaceuticals.


If you are looking for reliable household water filters to clean and improve the taste of your drinking water, the above units may be worth considering. You just need to choose the right one for your needs.

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