About Us

The Print Magazine

Are you interested in innovative products and home designs? Exclusive Home Tours is the ideal reading material for you. It’s a monthly newsletter that showcases bright talented people from different parts of the globe, avant-garde houses, and products that are inspired by travels, various cultures, and design concepts.

In 2019, it was introduced and published every quarter. Over the years, the publication continuously evolved. Aside from increased publication frequency, the magazine’s range of topics has evolved as well. Now, Exclusive Home Tours has gone a long way with its international releases, making it a huge influencer in the interior design industry.

The Website

The website has the same scope as the published edition of Exclusive Home Tours such as travel, world-class architecture, art, and cultures. By accessing the site’s archives, you will see features and photographs that are truly inspiring.

The Digital Magazine

If you are a subscriber of our print version, you can access the digital version too. Aside from the content from the print magazine, you will also see additional content such as images, videos, and interactive floor designs.