Best Edmonton Movers and Why You Should Hire Them

Affordable rates, getting the job done quickly and efficiently, and convenience are the reasons why you should hire a moving company in Edmonton.

Hiring Edmonton movers to move your stuff is a stress-free way to relocate to your new home, especially if it’s distant from your current location. There are a lot of professional movers or moving services in Edmonton.

This article will discuss some of the best moving services in Edmonton and their pros and cons. Moving companies like Action Movers run their storage services as well.

storage services

Four Popular Edmonton Movers

1. Action Moving and Storage Services

Let’s begin with one of the best movers Edmonton offers. Action Moving is a privately owned and operated moving company and their aim is to make your move from your current location or storage to another as smooth and convenient as possible.

Action Moving’s services include residential moves, including local moves such as Edmonton moving, St. Albert moving, Leduc moving, and more. Their residential move also includes apartment moving, moving for students and long-distance move (across the country). Commercial moving and office moving are also part of their portfolio.

They take move security and safety very seriously.


  • In Edmonton, affordable movers are not easy to find. Action Moving offers free moving quotes for clients.
  • They have been in the business for over 3 decades and are reliable and trustworthy.
  • The company is specialized in all kinds of moving, including long-distance moving across Canada.
  • They also provide storage.


  • Due to bookings and work traffic, they require an advance move notice at least a month before the move day.
  • They’re not available on Sundays.

2. JP’s Moving Services

Their services include local moves, long-distance moves, unpacking and packing, and indoor storage.

These guys have been in the moving business for over 20 years. They facilitate moves to any location in the Edmonton area. Their moves extend to offices and residences. They can also facilitate moves to any location within Alberta province and the country as a whole.

They can guarantee that your items will be wrapped and handled with the utmost care during loading and unloading. This applies to even the most delicate stuff, such as mirrors. In addition, they provide packing boxes or pack big items in blankets to protect them.


  • The company offers a free online estimation service.
  • They are available during weekends.


  • They don’t move office stuff until clients meet their requirements.
  • They don’t handle moving for long distances personally.

3. Integrity Movers

They handle moving for corporate organizations, residential buildings, commercial outlets, insurance coverage, warehousing and storage, and international moves.

They also have a prominent certification to brag about. The Canadian Movers’ Association awarded the Certificate of Recognition. It is regarded as the most prestigious safety certification given to businesses that comply with safety and health conditions.

When it comes to moving across country borders, Integrity Movers will give you a manager who will process all the necessary red tape, aid you with requirements for the visa, and every necessary process and documentation.


  • They can facilitate moving internationally.
  • Assembling and disassembling items to be moved.
  • They have warehousing facilities.


  • The company specializes in corporate and commercial moves only.
  • They don’t sell materials for packing.

4. Riteway Moving and Storage

They’re your go-to company for moving between U.S and Canada, office moves, commercial moves, international moves, local moves, storage, unpacking, and packing.

Riteway facilitates moving at a friendly rate. They are proud recipients of many notable awards.

They have a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, which gives them many bragging rights in the moving industry. They are well known for having contingency plans to tackle unforeseen issues during the moving process. They are well equipped to handle moving on any scale, no matter how big.

They offer clients their expertise in both hauling and packing. Those who want to pack and move will give you pointers that will make you do it right. They also sell the necessary materials such as packing tape, cardboard boxes, and other items.


  • They received the highest rating with Better Business Bureau.
  • The services include free wardrobe boxes.
  • The quotation covers insurance costs.


  • Payment options are limited to credit cards (no cash).
  • Working hours on Sundays are limited.

Why Should You Hire Movers?

One main criterion to hire a moving company is the distance between the old and the new place. If all the furniture and moving boxes have to be moved to the new location on the same day, a removal company is the best option. Moving companies take care of packing, carrying heaving boxes and even make sure that larger furniture is disassembled into individual parts ready for transport.

The Average Cost of a Moving Company in Edmonton

Once you have decided on when and where you want to move to, the next thing is to estimate how much moving services will cost you. Although moving it yourself will cost you far less, it can be a gruelling process.

If you’re moving, visit the hardware store closest to you and get moving supplies. Below is a list of the estimated prices of the most common items:

  • Packing tape (6 packs) – $3
  • 10kg of packing paper – $35
  • 5 meters of bubble wrap – $20

For those who have decided to go with movers, which is the more pricey option, you’ll get a complete package (moving and packing services). A lot of movers in Edmonton charge hourly rates. So you should plan to make your moving cover less time. The price you will pay also depends on the number of movers involved.

Number of Movers and Rate per Hour

  • Two guys $120
  • Three guys $180
  • Four guys $240
  • Five guys $300

There are also moving companies in Edmonton that charge a flat rate. Their rate depends on the size or kind of house. So if you’re going for the full package, here’s the estimated rate below:

Packing and Moving Cost According to Home Size

  • Apartment – $350 and $320
  • Townhouse – $550 and $500
  • Three bedroom – $750 and $700

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