The Most Beautiful Public Fountains Around the World

Water Boat Fountain (Valencia, Spain)

The Water Boat Fountain or Fuente del Barco de Agua has water streams that resemble a sailing vessel. The metal frame shoots water that takes the shape of a boat’s sail and hull.

Nine Floating Fountains (Osaka, Japan)

Having the theme of harmony and development on mankind for the 1970 World Expo, Isamu Noguchi created these fountains. He had the opportunity to design these because Kenzō Tange, an architect, offered him to design the reflecting pool. As a result, he created 9 automated fountains that seem to be floating.

Vaillancourt Fountain (San Francisco, California)

In 1971, Quebecois Armand Vaillancourt completed the construction of the Vaillancourt Fountain. It is 26 feet high and 200 feet long with tubes made of concrete. It had issues in the past such as vandalism during a concert and negative criticism.

Swarovski Fountain (Innsbruck, Austria)

André Heller, an artist from Austria, created this breathtaking fountain that has the entrance going to Swarovski Crystal Worlds. The Giant, which is a structure covered with plants, has the Chamber of Wonder. This is where the experiences and works of some artists such as Yayoi Kusama can be seen. The fountain is 56 feet high with the Giant’s head flowing water into a big pool.

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