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Forme: The Home Fitness Future

Many people aim to achieve the perfect body. Therefore, Forme, a new device for exercise, was introduced.  It was Yves Béhar who created this strength training equipment with the goal of making the perfect blend of gym and home use. When the device is not used, it can turn into a mirror.

Most exercise equipment is an eyesore, so he came up with a device people can easily integrate into their home interiors. This 6-feet-tall device comes alive once it is activated. When used for exercising, the handles of Forme can be reached from the back of the mirror.

If you prefer exercising with an instructor, you can use the device’s interactive display feature. From here, you can see your instructor who would help you reach your workout objectives such as barre, strength training, dance, and yoga. The workouts were filmed in a way that the person would feel that they are in the same room as the instructor.

Forme also helps solve the problem of people who are too busy or find it too difficult to squeeze time for their workout. With this device, there is no excuse not to exercise. During this health crisis, many would benefit more from having their own fitness equipment at home.

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