The Completion of Verdant Maggie’s Center in England by Heatherwick Studio

The amazing space for cancer patients is one of the most recent projects of Thomas Heatherwick. He is the founder of Heatherwick Studio, a design office in London. His design goal was to make them feel they are home.

Although Thomas Heatherwick is known as a showman in the architecture industry, this project was not as grand as his other projects since it is mostly greenery. He mentioned that any design, even if it is unexpected, has some value. He added that although beauty is subjective, there are a few instances wherein most people agree that something is beautiful. Therefore, he believes that the foliage and large exterior of the center have a natural beauty and charm.

Heatherwick and his designing team put over 20,000 flowers and over 15,000 plants on top and around the building. Their aim was to create an accomodating and nurturing environment. The interior of the center has a calm feel because of the use of wood and other relaxing elements. The space around the Verdant Maggie’s center is bright, similar to the inside part of a honeycomb. The design of the kitchen was well-thought, so it is considered the core of the design.

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