Ingenious Ways Public Places Reopen Safely

The devastating impact of COVID-19 has been overwhelming. Many infrastructures had to be closed and events postponed. However, in June, many establishments begin to reopen as the lockdown is eased. One of the recommendations is to practice social distancing, disinfect, and wear a mask. Here are what some places did to adjust to the new normal.

Gran Teatre del Liceu (Barcelona, Spain)

Holding a performance of the UceLi string quartet with over 2,000 plants as the audience, the famous opera house in Barcelona signaled the end of the lockdown in Spain last week. The performance was streamed online, and the plants that served as the audience were donated to frontliners at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. The aesthetic audience to fill up the venue is indeed creative.

Burger King (Germany)

Due to social distancing being a crucial part of the new normal, Burger King has decided to create social-distance crowns. There are oversized crowns created to celebrate the reopening of the fastfood restaurant.

Mediamatic (Amsterdam)

This art center in Amsterdam tries to discover the relationship between design, nature, and science. Therefore, they utilized individual greenhouses at their vegan dining place on site. The restaurant has a space big enough for 2 or 3 customers. Each dining pod has a wooden board where servers wearing protective equipment slide the food to make sure that good hygiene is practiced.

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