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A Journey on Classic Home on Martha’s Vineyard

Built during the 1700s by an influential family on Martha’s Vineyard, designer Victoria Hagan wanted to preserve the classic vibe and breeze of the house. Recently, it was bought by a couple from New York. What made them buy it was its breathtaking beachfront and simple construction.

Hagan personally loved its antique and whimsical blend. Therefore, she was keen and careful in redesigning the house. Therefore, she worked with Boris Baranovich, an architect, to make the main house grand.

The family room where the pool area can also be accessed is perfect for relaxing and lounging around any time of the day due to the straw-woven chairs, a custom-made oak table, and large television. The master bedroom is spacious, vibrant, and scenic.

The colors used in the house are green, blue, and khaki. Hagan preserved some parts of the original house such as the kitchen and only made minor design adjustments. The original ceiling and lighting structure were made better. Therefore, the couple was elated with the overall outcome and feel of the house.

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