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Feeling in Awe at a Santa Cruz Family Vacation House

Jonathan Feldman, the founder of Feldman Architecture, together with Commune Design worked together to decorate a family beach house in Santa Cruz, California. The area is surrounded by a tree called Monterey cypress. Therefore, the 2 firms utilized these trees to construct the house.

The passion for drafting and building this house could be seen on the way how the cypress wood was handled. The material and vibe of the wood were ideal for the clients – a family of 4 who considers Santa Cruz close to their hearts. They want a house that is refined and simple but sturdy. A house that is authentic to the area.

Evan Shively, a wood whisperer from Arborica, worked closely with Feldman and saved the timber from trees that naturally fell. Shively wanted to maximize the use of wood to lessen waste. He contributed a lot to the design of the exterior and the boards used. For the interior, the theme was the cool and refreshing atmosphere of California. The couple loved how serene their new home is.

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